The attack on our republic is happening at all levels, from school boards to the White House. We need to fight hard to elect patriots who will fight the Marxist the assault on our schools, police, agriculture and basic fundamental freedoms. 

Your district Republican Party Committee is a great and welcoming place to get involved. Here you will learn how you can support candidates, educate your neighbors and keep up with the daily fight for freedom. 

CALL-TO-ACTION  Contact your district’s committee chair and attend one of their meetings. They WANT to hear from you and they want you to get involved. This is a great place to start. Below are the contacts for all of Washington’s 4th district, county republican chairs:

Yakima County - Debra Manjarrez |

Douglas County - Lauren Miehe |

Grant County - Mike McKee |

Franklin County - Clint Didier |

Adams County - Mike Kline |

Walla Walla County - Shane Laib |

Okanagan County - Teagan Levine |

Benton County - Mike Massey |